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Singular and Plural

Designing and building a single storage dome is a remarkable achievement.  But, in many instances, more than one dome is required to meet bulk storage needs.  
Mining, cement, power and many other industries often require multiple solutions to cover a wide range of inventories and equipment. Add a particular site’s remote location, uneven terrain, harsh climate, or irregular shaped stockpile and matters can quickly become complicated. 
When it comes to both single and multiple dome installations, Geometrica is an accomplished designer.  For 25 years, we have covered stockpiles under some of the harshest conditions, remote locations and uneven terrains.  To date, Geometrica domes protect the environment in over 35 countries.
Extremes of altitude, slope, climate, and shape are no match for our patented technology and quality controlled process (ISO 9001:2008 certification). Geometrica structures are 100% prefabricated.  Domes can be designed in different profiles - circular, elliptical, parabolic or a combination of different curves.  Long span, column-free and large volume structures are our specialty. 



Identical Twins

Sometimes, a set of identical domes for bulk storage and material handling is required.  A pairing of domes has many practical aspects - ease of assembly and cost efficiency, for instance - but, they often aesthetically enhance the landscape too. 
The following are a few examples of solutions provided for cement, mining, and power: 


Twin Domes in South Africa


Twin domes for Lafarge cover limestone stockpiles in South Africa.  Both span an impressive 113m - longer than a football field. 


Aguas Tenidas Domes in Spain


The stunning twin 58m domes in Spain for Minas de Aguas Tenidas store stockpiles of ore.


Twin Storage Domes at JEA


Two 122m storage domes at JEA in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) accommodate petroleum coke stockpiles. Both are internally clad to reduce the threat of combustibility.



Dynamic Duos

Not every pair of domes is identical. Clients often request two very different structures for diverse storage needs. Thanks to our own design software, the end result provides economies of scale and gains maximum useable space. The following installations provide excellent examples:


Ore Domes of Mantos Blancos


The ore domes of Mantos Blancos exemplify custom design over freestyle piles and include conveyor openings, vehicle openings, canopies and machinery at this mining complex.


Caserones Domes


One of the Caserones domes in the Chilean Andes is the largest of its kind in South America, literally inspiring the phrase "Don't move mountains, build over them." This enormous dome spans 145m to cover a copper ore stockpile. The other dome spans 52m and provides concentrate storage.


Internal Dome Skylight Internal Dome Structure


The interior view of the Polysius Palmafa 51m coal storage dome and 104m limestone storage vault showcase custom design that fills specific storage needs. 
As with all Geometrica structures, various anchoring system options are available when planning the design of the storage domes. The decision to use cast-in-place (first or second pour), welded to embedded plates, or drilled anchors depends upon site specifications, terrain, climate, wind loads and other factors.

Terrific Trios

When two domes are simply not enough, Geometrica provides even more storage solutions — some of them are quite unique. Built on separate continents, two projects epitomize the need for long span storage in an assortment of shapes and sizes — in triplicate! 
Notably, the Geometrica system allows for structures to be installed over live stockpiles. This efficiency allows operations to carry on during construction without any loss of productivity or zero downtime. 
Two Circular Domes at Plantas Cerrillos in Chile
At Plantas Cerrillos in Chile, two circular domes of 30m and 40m were required to store bulk, and a 90m heart-shaped Freedome® contains a highly irregular stockpile and existing machinery.  Conventional building systems simply cannot accommodate this kind of need. 
Tunisia’s Largest Cement Plant
In the case of Tunisia’s largest and most technologically advanced cement plant, Geometrica supplied three structures for additives, coal, and limestone.  The bulk storage structures contain the dust from stacking and blending of raw materials and fuel, helping meet the plant’s environmental goals.

Remarkable Ensembles

Long span, soaring, column-free expanses ... times four? Absolutely.  Some of Geometrica's largest projects involve quadruple design and installation. In fact, Geometrica's enclosures can reach dimensions as long as 300 meters. Below are examples. 
Nemak Aerial Domes
The Nemak Industrial Plant in Mexico has four super sized 224m Freedomes — a record-breaking expanse. These domes accommodate automobile parts manufacturing. Each one is identical in shape and built consecutively.
Hsin-Ta Station in Taiwan
Hsin-Ta Station in Taiwan is home to four massive silos designed for Tai Power. Like the Nemak structures, all four are identical in shape. Each circular coal storage domes spans 126m and is built to withstand typhoon-force winds and corrosive saltwater.

Global Expertise

These are just a few examples of our light-weight, durable - and, equally beautiful storage structures. Since 1992 we have been building experience and expertise one dome at a time... or two, three or four!

Geometrica solves storage problems with endless design options.  Our mission is to provide solutions for industries around the world.  The question is, “What can Geometrica do for you?”
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