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Geometrica to participate in WikiFest

Based on the published article "Using a Wiki for Document Control", as well as various internet forums on the use of a Wiki, Geometrica has been asked to participate in the

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Giant Dome Controls Dust at Cement Plant

By T.V.S. Chidambaram, Star Cement Co. LLC, and F. Castano, Geometrica, Inc.

This Emirate in the UAE holds the distinction of being the largest cement producer in the country. For a long time Ras Al Khaimah (often referred to as RAK) has provided high-quality construction materials to its more famous siblings, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, helping build the country's infrastructure and fuel its remarkable growth.

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Geometrica domes as seen from space

The Great Wall of China is not alone anymore. Many of Geometrica's domes are quite visible from up there nowadays. {C}{C}{C}

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95m Dome for Barrick Zaldivar, Chile.

When Barrick's Zaldivar mine needed a 95m dome to cover its ore stockpile, it selected Geometrica for several reasons: First, it had considerable experience with these types of domes in Chile (Mantos Blancos, Escondida, Pucobre, and others). Second, the Geometrica offered a lower lifetime price than competitive structures. Third, the installation program was fast even while the stockpile remained in operation.


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Domes for Cement Plants

Geometrica domes provide the most efficient cover for a limestone blending bed because they are lightweight and can span large areas without intermediate supports.

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Geometrica's efforts in Aviary constructions have been documented in an article that goes beyond our website content and shows the wonderful applications of our structures for this purpose.

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Using a wiki to implement a QMS

Chances are you've used Wikipedia on the web, but you may not appreciate the power that a wiki can bring to virtually every facet of documentation and management systems. This case study describes how Geometrica used a wiki to document its QMS and achieve ISO 9001 certification in "record" time while avoiding the bureaucracy that often plagues this process. Just remember -- You read it here first!

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