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Singular and Plural

A single storage dome is an achievement.  What if more than one dome is required? Many industries often require multiple solutions to cover a wide range of inventories and equipment. For 25 years, Geometrica has covered stockpiles under some of the harshest conditions, remote locations and uneven terrains.

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Update: Philippines

Another eco-friendly Geometrica dome is near the city of Toledo. Coal will be stored under cover at the new power plant built for Therma Visayas. This circular dome spans 125m diameter and covers an area of 11,500m2.

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Making History

Looking back at the past, there are many vintage technologies that we no longer use - telex machines, analog telephones, cassette tapes and floppy disc.
Uncovered coal stockpiles may now become history too. 
Freedome® technology moves the task of covering stockpiles into the next generation.

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Landmark Project in Malta

Our work on a landmark project in Malta is complete. DTR architects of Malta dramatically transformed a former naval hospital, unused for many years, into a stunning learning facility.  Like a soft cloth, the Geometrica structure nests a planetarium sphere in the center.

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Come See Us in Saudi

We’ll be exhibiting at “The Big 5 Saudi”, March 27 - 30, in Jeddah.  
Launched in 2011, the “Big 5” is the Kingdom’s largest and fastest growing construction show.  This premier event will bring together over 500 exhibitors from over 35 countries to showcase their latest products, technologies and services.

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Video: Covering Coemin's Cerrillos Plant

Covering the plant presented a challenge.  Following several expansions, the main area encompassed more than 5000m2 in an irregular shape.  The solution? A Freedome® - Geometrica’s free-style dome.

Here's a short video with Architect Percy Diaz, Coemin's Projects Manager, talking about his plant's Freedome.

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Shining New Light

Skylights are widely used to admit steady, even light into industrial, commercial, or institutional buildings.  Installations range from purely functional daylighting for energy efficiency to elaborate aesthetic forms that dramatically transform space with breathtaking design.  Whatever you can imagine, Geometrica can help make it possible.


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Chi Chi Chi, Le Le Le, Viva Chile!

Felices fiestas patrias! On September 18, Chile celebrates its "primera junta nacional".  In celebration of all things Chilean, we feature a few projects that we have built in that beautiful country.

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