Geometrica structures come in a dazzling variety of shapes and patterns, all capitalizing on the inherent strength of triangular lattices. The great variety is made possible by our sophisticated computerized design and manufacturing process.

    Structural shapes:

    Doubly curved domes (erected on a circular foundation) can span long distances. Their curvature transfers stresses efficiently with little to no bending moments, making them far stiffer than conventional flat surfaces.


    Geometrica variations on the dome theme -- varying radii, varying curvatures -- give designers unprecedented flexibilty.



    With Geometrica, you can extend structures and capture space in many ways.



    3D Lattice
    For surfaces with zero or only one direction of curvature, a deeper Geometrica 3-D lattice provides strength and rigidity, distributing loads evenly and efficiently with much less weight than a conventional two-dimensional frame.




    Modular construction

    Prefabricated units can consist of individual (labeled) tubes and hubs, or prefabricated triangular modules that can be hoisted into place. Triangular shapes are unsurpassed for transferring stresses efficiently with little to no bending moments -- far more stable and far stronger than 90-degree frames. Depending on the amount of load to be carried, our structures may be designed as a single-layer membrane, a thin double layer (Vierendel) connected with short posts, or a thick double layer incorporating triangular connections between the layers for added rigidity.




    Patterns for visual appeal

    Geometrica's sophisticated design and manufacturing system makes it possible to design with pattern as well as shape. Here are just some of the possibilities.