Sports Domes | Community Centers and Water Parks


    Sports Domes

    Stunning architecture adds star quality to sports and performance venues. A Geometrica Freedome® plays an active role in the event itself, a work of art and technology that enhances both function and enjoyment. Our structures have become city landmarks — and inspirations for others to follow.

    Palacio de los Deportes, México

    Arenas and Stadiums

    Space frames and vaults are often the perfect cover for gymnasiums and competitive arenas. These structures can cover  seating sections in open stadiums or closed performance venues. Domes can also be designed with retractable elements.


    Geometrica's "gossamer" cantilever for ASY Stadium

    Geometrica Freedomes meet the challenges for long span, light weight, and aesthetic beauty. The shape of the structure can follow the shape of the venue, eliminating wasted space. And the lack of interior columns provides great views for everyone present -- including the athletes and audiences.

    The roof plan of a Freedome can match the venue, a cost-effective approach that eliminates wasted space.

    Domes and Water Parks

    Geometrica designs space frames and covers for waterparks and Olympic swimming pools. The stunning dome covering the 42 x 60m Kuang Fu Olympic Swimming Pool in Taiwan is an excellent example, as is the ITESM pool and others in various countries.

    All-aluminum Freedomes provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance, making them perfect for enclosed swimming pools. These frames save money in the long run because they never need maintenance, even in the most aggressive pool-chlorine environments.

    Community Centers

    Wherever families, seniors and communities meet, a Freedome can provide protection from weather, but also become a cultural landmark. A beautiful array of tubular features is custom designed with any need in mind. Imagine the possibilities: indoor tennis, racketball, soccer practice, or even indoor bicycling. Whether an annual rodeo competition or an enormous family reunion, community centers can and should be affordable, durable and designed as multi-use facilities.

    Geometrica Freedomes can span up to 300m — and they support cantilevers of 50m or more. Strength is built into the structure, so our Freedomes easily support hundreds of tons of catwalks, scoreboards, sound and lighting equipment, curtains and rigging, and more. Geometrica domes and space frames have been designed to carry hundreds of tons of equipment loads.

    The quesiton is, "What can Geometrica do for you?" To learn more, please inquire below.

    Side Gallery Images

    Side Gallery Images: 
    120m X 80m Elliptical Velodrome
    30 x 40m Aluminum Freedome®
    42 X 55m Community Center
    30m Cantilever, Ali Sami Yen Stadium, Istanbul
    42 x 60m Kuang Fu Sports Center, Taiwan
    46 X 56m Gymnasium Space Frame